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The newly introduced School Administration Software is a must for all schools to manage the day to day operations of the school. With the advent of this application, teachers, students and parents can now connect with each other and monitor the performances. It is helpful for teachers because it saves them the time and energy to do the pen and paper work when everything can be done with the help of technology and that too so easily .Simply without any botheration. Teachers can now perform all those everyday functions of marking attendance, schedule classes, time tables, examination schedules, syllabus, allocate class work and home work, rectify any error in the grades before finally putting them up. Students can use this School Administration Software as a forum to voice their suggestions and opinions. In between all these, through this software parents can come to know what exactly is going on in the school and monitor their children’s progress.


With the use of School Administration Software, the school can also execute the other managerial operations like making payrolls of the staff, proposing, sanctioning and approving scholarships, calculate leaves, maintain employee history etc. This software at times acts as a Student Performance System, School Management Software and Examination Evaluation System due to its outstretched functions that go on in the day to day life of the school.