slider_2OpenSIS is an Online Student Management System that helps in the day to day functioning of the school effectively and efficiently. The core tasks of the OpenSIS lays in the admission and enrollment procedures, fee management, marking attendances, academic progress of the students, notifying the students about the upcoming school events, assigning classes, examination schedules and handling the records of the communications between the parents and the school. Other functions of this Online Student Management System are configured as per the needs of the school. This includes e-mails and SMS reports, management of the school transportation, activities of the school staffs, taking care of the library, maintaining records of the students’ health issues and other in-house management.school1The utility of OpenSIS as the Online Student Management System is not restricted to a specific boundary. It reduces management overhead and automates repetitive tasks. It enables complete control and monitoring of the school administration. Parents and respective guardians are automatically updated about the activities of their children and also about the school via SMS which in turn reduces their need to come over to the school and check the whereabouts of their wards. As all the work is done with the help of this technology, the use of paper is reduced and also cut the cost that needed to be spent on stationary items. It is a very modern outlook towards the management of educational affairs. In short, it bridges the gap between the school administration with the management as well as students, teachers and parents. It can be used as an open forum where students can voice their grievances, concerns and put forth their suggestions and opinions for the betterment of the school.