Old is not always gold. It becomes true with reference to older management system of school. In those days the management committee used to hire the service from experts on the subject. Their advices and suggestions were to be implemented through an elaborate office with an enormous number of staff. They remained all while pretty busy in updating the records on papers and preserve them in files. Total operation was very cumbersome, time lapsing, and expensive.


Changes are there in the air every time. So technology introduced itself to make things easier, economical, and faster. Open school management system is software developed by experts of this profession. The software is helping the authorities to manage everyday school functions in better and cost effective manner.

At the first place, school management authorities do not require that huge number of staff to maintain admission, developmental, gradation, and attendance records. All data related to students can be preserved through this student administration software and can be retrieved when needed. A thinner strength of staff is required to carry out this ritual round the year. More over the software is available in the market at minimum cost or is totally free. So, it is an economical method for any school management.


Each operation in this field is done with great speed to save time. The whole education syllabus in these days has become gigantic in any school system. Teachers and school staff have to keep pace with the system. Open Source School Management System comes in to aid of them as it delivers in a very lucid way with the speed required to complete the entire syllabus.


Communicative interaction between teachers and students, parents and teachers, administrators and staff, teachers and staff is a compulsive event in the smooth running of any school. The software facilitates ample scope for the purpose and in the process helps to maintain discipline among the students. School authorities may well go for a trial of the software to conduct day to day functions of their institution.