Student Information System (SIS) is an information management system for education establishments, to operate and manage student data. It is an all encompassing approach by which students can be registered for different courses, grading transcripts can be documented, build schedules, track attendance, and manage all student related data needs in school. Here no information can be published electronically, and is meant for internal usage only.


The Student Information Management System varies in scope, size, and capability, and is implemented in relatively small organisations that cover student record alone. Many systems can be scale to different levels of functionality, all of which will depend on the purchase of add-on modules that can be configured by home institutions to satisfy the local needs. Some of the things that dominant SIS vendors include in their products are:


  • Handling admission processes
  • Recording communication with students
  • Student aid and financial aid processing
  • Abilities to manage multiple campuses, online and on-ground, in multiple countries and languages
  • Human resource services
  • Inventory and assets of the school
  • Payroll processing of the staff involved
  • Reporting to regulatory and reports for accrediting bodies, and more.


When you have the means in one medium then the management becomes even more effective. With the help of student administration software, you can manage the administrative work, maintaining relevant data and information that can be used at your convenience. OpenSIS is an OS4Ed product that you can choose to meet your management requirements. They are the ones you will need when you are looking for customized solutions.


So what are you waiting for? Contact OpenSIS if you want to explore the possibilities and benefits of including the management system software.