Benefits of Open Source School Management System



There are many different benefits of open source school management system to the teachers, students, as well as students. By using open source client relationship management tool one can take control of all database related to students. Lower cost, easy customer relationship management, greater learning concepts, lower costs and seamless school management are among its few notable features.

The application includes the following features:

Advanced Solution:

With open source management system you can manage all period, day and other student information only with a few clicks. You can also customize attendance codes in order to meet your specific needs. The built-in report facility helps you check everyday attendance in a seamless way.

Add Contact Information:

This software helps add contact information of the students, parents, relatives, and other authorized personals. Furthermore, with the automated access in the management CRM you can even track data related to designate bus stops, legal guardians, associate parent information and many more.

Measure Student Demographics:

It also helps administrators track the record of numerous student demographics that attribute in a permanent database as well as student enrollments. If you need some information not to be included in the database, simply use the customized categories and fields to enable creating any number of custom fields in order to monitor any particular data requirement.

Grade book Management:

Open Source Student Management System helps teachers to easily access the grade book management tool to enter homework and task assignments, class tests, and other important activities utilizing graded scales if necessary. Furthermore, teachers can easily analyze students’ grades, test reports, and others.

Scheduling Feature:

The app also includes a scheduler that enables the users to easily track student requests a well as bulk schedule students. The scheduler software enables you make multiple schedules and adjustments within an institution. Reviewing and printing student schedule reports as well as class rosters can easily be done with few clicks.


A web based portal for the educational institutions


The educational portal in the institutions tracks the numerous demographic attributes of the students starting from the admission till the time of leaving school. It helps to bring the huge number of data under one roof. It is a hassles free networking that can keep a close watch on a student getting estranged. Its features enable to add contact information guardians and authorized individuals. It also has a calendar or a scheduler where students’ requests are put and also planned accordingly to address the same. The events and programmers are brought under one unit held within the school or college premises with the mass scheduler that can also do the necessary adjustments and rectifications. SIS has its very own Grade book which enables the teachers to assign home work, class work to the students and other assignments. The grades are entered tallying with the actual marks, reports to find erroneously entered grades and advanced ad-hoc reporting is included as well. The final grades are entered in a mouse click.

The designs of the reports are in simple format with check boxes and are in PDF so that they can be printed for easy view. These reports are printable so that they can be produced when needed. final grades in the School Administration Software can be entered easily; report cards for the students can also be created and also calculate the rankings. To recalculate a final grade use the inbuilt function in the student’s management application to avoid any miscalculation that can affect the class ranking or a student’s performance. These report cards are printable from any system or as per the flexibility of the system.

The format of the SIS is pretty simple. A student’s account with his name and personal details after which the full report is entered with the subjects and the marks obtained. This helps the student to improve himself wherein he can compare his previous grades with his present. School Administration Software not only has the information of the students’ performance at school and in his studies, but it also keeps a record of the health conditions as well. A track record of the physician and the health report is maintained in the database of SIS under the Medical tab. This system proves that the SIS, school not only cares about the performance at school but also the physical development of the student.

Technology is welcomed in the educational establishments as well. Take a closer look.


If technology has dominated the health and medical fields, economy and commercial fields then it has also made a place in the educational fields as well. Technology has not stopped after changing or modifying the teaching techniques but it has also provided IT solutions to the institutions in the upkeep of the administrative and management affairs. Schools and other educational institutions are investing on such technologies which would prove beneficial in the long run and help in the effective and efficient management of the schools. The IT solution has provided with software applications which will manage the student data base as well as perform other internal functions. This system is similar to the Management Information Systems commonly referred to as MIS’s which big corporate houses follow to maintain their employee database as well as track the day to day performances of the company or organization.

In case of educational institutions, the MIS is known as Student Information System which is capable of storing details of students, enables teachers to assign examinations and dates, checking, publish assessment scores, mark attendances and many other student related data. The motive of using this system is to simplify the school work and give high exposure to computer using to the students from the grass root levels. This software is widely accepted amongst the reputed educational institutions all over the globe – primary and secondary schools and colleges, medical schools, business and management schools. It is very difficult to single out a specific company that provides similar application but the trend is slowly pointing towards OpenSIS ( which provides student portal that is accessible to students, teachers, parents, administration and the management. Student Information System is a full featured school management system that store information from the time of admission till the day of graduation and alumni. It is capable of storing present students’ records as well as past records at the same time without the need for deleting or removing any other information which might prove crucial. It is capable of integrating with the present system which is already there with the institution. The updated versions are easily added to this software so there is no need to reboot the entire system or possibility of a downtime. The school tasks are done real time. Another advantage of such an application is that these are integrated with word-press, portal software and Sugar CRM. It gives the freedom to get a forensic view into the data for knowledge. It increases the possibility of student achievements and teacher performances where by teachers can compare their present performance with that of their past records.

The data centers are hosted in private clouds whereby each educational institution gets their own virtual server, operating systems, web servers, applications and databases. This ensures absolute privacy as no resource is shared. Since all the works are done through online portals no separate backups are created in the hardware as all the data are secured on the clouds. These portals are accessible only by authorized personnel belonging within the premises so zero chance of the information is getting leaked out. Right after the installation of the portal, individual accounts are created to help access the portal. This also enables parents to open accounts and let them know what is going on in the school. This system allows them to closely monitor the whereabouts of their wards and minimize chances of their straying away.

Student_Data_ManagementThis Online Student Management System can be used as a platform by students to voice their grievances, stage their opinions and put their suggestions in the forefront which would help in the betterment of the institution. It can accept a welcoming change which can give the educational institution a refreshing outlook. The system is available in multi-lingual and also in English versions. This is commercially gradable and secured system which also has high scalability. The latest IT solution in this system provides open source software which is cost effective, easy to migrate, has affordable cloud hosting facility and also provides training and support functions.

An Online School Portal to Manage the School Affairs


slider_2OpenSIS is an Online Student Management System that helps in the day to day functioning of the school effectively and efficiently. The core tasks of the OpenSIS lays in the admission and enrollment procedures, fee management, marking attendances, academic progress of the students, notifying the students about the upcoming school events, assigning classes, examination schedules and handling the records of the communications between the parents and the school. Other functions of this Online Student Management System are configured as per the needs of the school. This includes e-mails and SMS reports, management of the school transportation, activities of the school staffs, taking care of the library, maintaining records of the students’ health issues and other in-house management.school1The utility of OpenSIS as the Online Student Management System is not restricted to a specific boundary. It reduces management overhead and automates repetitive tasks. It enables complete control and monitoring of the school administration. Parents and respective guardians are automatically updated about the activities of their children and also about the school via SMS which in turn reduces their need to come over to the school and check the whereabouts of their wards. As all the work is done with the help of this technology, the use of paper is reduced and also cut the cost that needed to be spent on stationary items. It is a very modern outlook towards the management of educational affairs. In short, it bridges the gap between the school administration with the management as well as students, teachers and parents. It can be used as an open forum where students can voice their grievances, concerns and put forth their suggestions and opinions for the betterment of the school.

Student Information System

The Student Information System is a structured system programmed to sort the important information of students starting from the time of admissions till they graduate out from the institution. The software is similar to the applications which are implemented in corporate houses and organizations. These applications keep in store the details of employees and customers who are connected with the organization. This software is a structured system programmed to sort the important information of students starting from the time of admissions till they graduate out from the institution. The corporate houses maintain MIS (Management Information System) of each and every employee who are with the organization. These MIS’s keep the records of employees from the date of their joining the organization till their last working day along with their respective designations and employee id’s.


The Student Information System acts a forum to where the students can put their grievances, feedbacks and suggestions. They can voice their concerns or opinions which can lead to the betterment of the school. Students can get to know about the different events those are going to take place in the school by visiting the portal. This saves them from missing important class or sessions. They can utilize this time in something constructive. The events are fed in the form of bulletins or notifications so that it appears immediately when students log into the portal. The ideal Student Information System that is at par with any other application used by the education bodies is which performs all the functions of the administration and the management. It is the website that can be trusted and relied upon.

School Administration Software


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The newly introduced School Administration Software is a must for all schools to manage the day to day operations of the school. With the advent of this application, teachers, students and parents can now connect with each other and monitor the performances. It is helpful for teachers because it saves them the time and energy to do the pen and paper work when everything can be done with the help of technology and that too so easily .Simply without any botheration. Teachers can now perform all those everyday functions of marking attendance, schedule classes, time tables, examination schedules, syllabus, allocate class work and home work, rectify any error in the grades before finally putting them up. Students can use this School Administration Software as a forum to voice their suggestions and opinions. In between all these, through this software parents can come to know what exactly is going on in the school and monitor their children’s progress.


With the use of School Administration Software, the school can also execute the other managerial operations like making payrolls of the staff, proposing, sanctioning and approving scholarships, calculate leaves, maintain employee history etc. This software at times acts as a Student Performance System, School Management Software and Examination Evaluation System due to its outstretched functions that go on in the day to day life of the school.